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ABC FunLights

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25 May, 2016
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25 May, 2016
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ABC FunLights

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Children Night Light: ABC FunLights.

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Children night light made with the ABC: ABC FunLights..

The LED type lights have a remote to control all functions. All lights are multicolour and have more than 13 different colours, functions and different uses: rainbow, select a fix colour or just leave the white one, perfect for reading Without dazzling!

Perfect for reading a story at bedtime

You can control the light intensity, set the timer to turn the light off when your baby is asleep (among other functions). Sweet dreams for your children and for you too. Who said that has fear of the dark? TheFunLights is the perfect present for a calm, sweet and wonderful sleep.

The perfect gift for your grandchildren, nephews and friend’s children

… And for yours too! They will love it! 😀

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